Hi, welcome! I’m a Brooklyn-based designer from Hong Kong and a recent graduate from the Parsons Communication Design Program.

My practice includes book, editorial, web design and printmaking. Hand and machine knitting are also a passions of mine that I incorporate into my graphic design work.
  1. The Emmanuel Book
  2. Can I Come In?
  3. Can I Come In? (ext.)
  4. Screenshots
  5. Frames of Roger Deakins
  6. A Designer's Manual
  7. Out of Context
  8. Logo Remix
  9. The Legacy of Joe Colombo

The Emmanuel Book

An experimental transcription of a New York Times Style Magazine article about Emmanuel Olunkwa. Each page is uniquely designed to be both observed on its own, and as a stylistic part of the book system.

(the article in question)

Can I Come In?

An investigation into the financial absurdity of celebrity home tours and an appreciation of design objects.

Can I Come In? (ext.)

A machine knitted tapestry depicting the silhouette of objects included in my thesis book Can I Come In? This continues my appreciation of these pieces.


A piece of javascript exploring the layering of colours using a for loop grid. that can generate 100(+) unique outcomes, all you have to do is refresh. Resizing the browser before a refresh will change the size of the design, creating a variety of visual outputs.

Frames of Roger Deakins

A catalog for an exhibition celebrating the work Roger Deakins has done as a cinematographer over the years.

A Designer's Manual

A manual of texts i curated for designers to contemplate their design practice and hear from contrasting perspectives. Texts include:
  1. Knowing Your Design History is Crucial to Aesthetic Innovation by Kristen Coogan
  2. Massimo Vignelli vs. Ed Benguiat (Sort Of) Annotated by Julia Lasky
  3. Style Is Not a Four Letter Word by Mr Keedy

Out of Context

A digital site toying with how an object is perceived depending on the context it is placed in. Are these objects chairs or not?

Logo Remix

A risograph printed collection of 8 logos that were created by combining 2 existing ones.

The Legacy of Joe Colombo

A dos-a-dos book about one of my favourite industrial designers. One side of the book is an accordion outlining his career timeline. The other side is a saddle stitch catalog showcasing his greatest designs.