Hi, welcome! I’m a Brooklyn-based designer from Hong Kong and a recent graduate from the Parsons Communication Design Program.

My practice includes book, editorial, web design and printmaking. Hand and machine knitting are also a passions of mine that I incorporate into my graphic design work.

A hand knitted mock neck top with gradual changes in the rib pattern to create subtle shaping. The asymmetry was done using short rows, the arms and hem were finished off using picot edging. Self-drafted pattern.

A hand knitted skirt with box pleats, picot edging and an i-cord drawstring. This was knitted from the bottom up. Self-drafted pattern.

An experiment in translation using a pixelating tool I coded. The original image was pixelated, treated with a threshold filter. The pixels were then enlarged to create a knitting chart. The knitted swatch was then digitally tiled.

A 4 color screenprint.

A study of the brand Ito En. Examinations of the logo, type and color are laid out in a booklet. I used parts of those brand elements for a riso-printed poster.

A reversible machine knitted sweater. Extra rows were knitted while joining the panels to create a faux piping effect on the inside of the sweater.

A woodcut print with letterpress type.

A pair of hand knitted socks that say "SOCKS!". Self-drafted pattern.

A machine knitted tapestry based on a photo I took at Lake Toya.

A lithograph print exploring the form of the Ekstrem chair designed by Terje Ekstrøm.

A two layer screenprint based on a ceramic by Fur Fur. It's where I store my trinkets.