Jasmine Kan
Hi, welcome!

I’ m a Brooklyn-based designer from Hong Kong and a recent graduate from the Parsons Communication Design Program.

My practice includes book, editorial, web design and printmaking. Hand and machine knitting are also a passions of mine that I incorporate into my graphic design work.
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Jasmine Kan
Architectural Digest, an architecture publication, has been releasing celebrity home tour videos as part of their marketing campaigns since 2013 which subsequently did not start gaining popularity until 2017. The format of these videos slowly evolved from short three minute clips into 10–20 minute detailed walkthroughs where the celebrity has the opportunity to show their personality. This consequently created viral scenes like Dakota Johnson’s later debunked "I love limes" moment or Troye Sivan’s eclectic home that amassed a series of investigative interior design articles. While celebrities can afford to hire interior design studios with great taste to furnish their home, this degree of separation from the decorator and the actual stars feels impersonal and often lets the design objects go unnoticed as a result.

Can I Come In? is an investigation into the financial absurdity of celebrity home tours and an appreciation of design objects. This publication highlights how much money goes into decorating these homes through a transparent investigation of the costs involved by using a design language that’s typically associated with finance. As a furniture lover, I wanted to provide context behind these objects through text and by incorporating aspects of home catalog design. The five videos sourced in this publication were selected by taking into account the virality of each video alongside my personal preference.

coptic binding with exposed spine.
8" x 10" with 4" x 6.5" inserts.